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3.3. "Approved Fee Schedule": Consultant's compensation rates are set forth in the fee <br />schedule attached hereto as Exhibit B and incorporated herein by this reference. This <br />fee schedule shall remain in effect for the duration of this Agreement unless modified <br />in writing by mutual agreement of the parties. <br />3.4. "Maximum Amount": The highest total compensation and costs payable to Consultant <br />by City under this Agreement. The Maximum Amount under this Agreement is Five <br />Hundred Twenty -Six Thousand Seven Hundred Twenty -Three Dollars <br />($526,723). <br />3.5. "Commencement Date": January 1, 2020 <br />3.6. "Termination Date": Deeem -_r 31,202t June 30, 2021 <br />4. TERM <br />The term of this Agreement shall commence at 12:00 a.m. on the Commencement Date and <br />shall expire at 11:59 p.m. on the Termination Date unless extended by written agreement of the <br />parties or terminated earlier under Section 18 ("Termination") below. Consultant may request <br />extensions of time to perform the services required hereunder. Such extensions shall be effective <br />if authorized in advance by City in writing and incorporated in written amendments to this <br />Agreement. <br />5. CONSULTANT'S DUTIES <br />5.1. Services. Consultant shall perform the services identified in the Scope of Services. City <br />shall have the right to request, in writing, changes in the Scope of Services. Any such <br />changes mutually agreed upon by the parties, and any corresponding increase or <br />decrease in compensation, shall be incorporated by written amendment to this <br />Agreement. <br />5.2. Coordination with City. In performing services under this Agreement, Consultant <br />shall coordinate all contact with City through its Agreement Administrator. <br />5.3. Budgetary Notification. Consultant shall notify the Agreement Administrator, in <br />writing, when fees and expenses incurred under this Agreement have reached eighty <br />percent (80%) of the Maximum Amount. Consultant shall concurrently inform the <br />Agreement Administrator, in writing, of Consultant's estimate of total expenditures <br />required to complete its current assignments before proceeding, when the remaining <br />work on such assignments would exceed the Maximum Amount. <br />5.4. Business License. Consultant shall obtain and maintain in force a City business license <br />for the duration of this Agreement. <br />5.5. Professional Standards. Consultant shall perform all work to the standards of <br />Consultant's profession and in a manner reasonably satisfactory to City. Consultant <br />Professional Services Agreement — Consultant Services <br />Page 2 of 15 <br />Approved For Use 11/15/16 <br />