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Closed Sessioll Agenda SOli/I! Pus1IIIelltl Cil), Cmmcil December 19, 2018 <br />B. Anticipa ted Litigation <br />CONFERENC E W ITH LEGAL COUNSEL-Significant Exposure to Litig,lIion <br />(Government Code Section 54956.9(d )(2)) <br />Number of potenti al cases: I <br />C. Puhlic Emplo\'l~e Performa nc e !-:valualion <br />PUBLIC EMPLO YEE PERFORMANCE EVALUATION, Pursuaot to G overnment <br />Code Section 54957(b)( I ): <br />Title: C ity Manager <br />I dec/art IIIlder pelltllt)' of perjury 111111 I posud Ilris lIoti ce of agenda OIl Ille bulletill bOilrd in <br />Ihe courlyard of Cil)' Hull at 1414 Missioll Streel , 50111/' Pa.t<ldella , CA 91030, {md on the <br />Cily's website ll.' required b y./a:". !-r <br />I2I13f201 g 0i1~h2""""":r;".l;~"-"-'-"=,,"--------- <br />Dale it1iriam Ferrel <br />Inter im De puty City Clerk <br />Cily of SOUlIl P(Jsadellfl Pllge 2