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C ITY OF SOUTH PASADENA <br />C ln' CO UNCIL C LOSED SESS I ON <br />REGULAR MEETING AGENDA <br />C it y Manager's Confere nc e Roo m, Second Floor, C ity Ha ll <br />1414 Miss ion S treet, South Pasad e n a, CA 9 1030 <br />Wednes d ay, Decem ber 19 ,2018 , al 6:30 p.m. <br />11>t p"blir may ra",mmt an C/o<td St"ion itt"'< prior to the City Calfnd l "as.i~g to Claud St"ion. <br />III ordtr to add"" tM City Cou"cil 0" C/a"d StS<ian ilt"'<. pltau Mmpltte a P"blk Cammt"t Ca rd. <br />Tom, allotttd /Nr sp,aka: 3 ",I""tts. TIlt Cit\" Cou"dl "'il/ COn''''''' j" Opt" Susio" at 7:30 p.1f!. <br />CALL TO ORDER: <br />ROLL CALL: <br />Mayor Marina Khubesrian . M.D. <br />Councilmemben; Michael A. Caccioni. Diana Mahmud. <br />and Richard D . Schneider. M.D ; Mayo r Pro Tem Joe; and <br />May or Marin a Khu besrian. M.D. <br />P UBLI C COl\IMENT PERIOD l-'OR C LOSl-:o SJo:.5SION ITJo:MS ONLY <br />(Timc limit is three: minutcs per person ) <br />The CilY Counci l welcome s public input. Membe rs of the public may address the City <br />Council by completing a public comment card and giving it to the Chief City Clerk prior 10 <br />Ihe nteeting. Pursuant to State law . the City Council may nm discu S!; o r take nelion o n is s ues <br />nOi on the meeting agenda (Government Code Section 54954.2). <br />I C LOSE D SESS IO N AGENDA ITEMS <br />A. Initia tio n of Litieation <br />CONFERENCE WITH LEGAL COUNSEL -IN ITIATION OF LITl GAT10N. Pur:;uanl <br />to Government Code Section 54956.9(d )(4 ): <br />Number of Cases: I <br />Cily of SOitllt Pa~adetw