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City Council <br />ITEM NO. 21 <br />DATE: December 19. 2018 <br />FROM: Stephanie DeWolfc, City Manager n <br />PREPARED BY: Mariam Lee Ko, Human Resources Manager ✓�i�� <br />SUBJECT: Approval of Public Works Department Reorganization and <br />Transition: Approval of Amended Job Descriptions, Creation of <br />New Deputy Director Position for Water & ,Sustainability, and <br />Authorization to Execute Second Amendment with lnterwest <br />Consulting Group for Interim Capital Improvement Plan <br />Management Services <br />Recommendation Action <br />It is recommended that the City Council <br />I. Approve amendments to three job "descriptions within the Public Works Department <br />including Director, Deputy Director, and Operations Manager; <br />2. Approve a new Deputy Director classi Ccation and a new FTE to lead Water and <br />Sustainability; <br />3. Approve the transfer of a`Management Analyst/Water Conservation position from the <br />Management Services Department to the Public Works Department, Water and <br />Sustainability Division; and <br />4. Authorize the City Manager to execute a second amended agreement with Interwest <br />Consulting Group for interim capital improvement project management services for an <br />additional $60,000 for a new total Trot -to -exceed contract amount of $138300. <br />ExecutiveSummary <br />When the Public Works Director took a position in his home city earlier this year, it created an <br />opportunity to evaluate the structure, strengths and weaknesses of the department. A consultant <br />with expertise in this field was commissioned to prepare a series of recommendations to improve <br />effectiveness and efficiency of the department. This report seeks to implement several of those <br />recommendations including restructuring the department into two divisions - Engineering & <br />Operations, and Water & Sustainability - each headed by a deputy director. This requires Bre <br />