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Letter of Support for SPARC's California Arts Council Creative California Communities Grant <br />Application <br />December 19. 2018 <br />Page 2 of 2 <br />2. SPARC and the selected artist will present the mural location to the Library Board of <br />Trustees and Cultural Heritage Commission for approval <br />3. SPARC. and the selected artist will present the ;final mural design to the Arts Commission <br />for approval <br />4. SPARC' and the selected artist will present the final mural design and location to the <br />Council for final approval <br />5. SPARC will work with the City to develop the contract with the selected artist <br />6. SPARC will manage the artist contract <br />7. SPARC' will present to the City a budget and timeline for the proposed literary events <br />8. SPARC will present to the City a list of requested facilities for the proposed literary <br />events <br />Background <br />Mr. Bradbury lived in Southern California for more than 75 years, writing more than 50 books <br />and 600 short stories throughout his lifetime. His iconic works include "The Martian <br />Chronicles," "The Illustrated Man," "Dandelion Wine," and "Fahrenheit 45 L" Through the years <br />many of Mr. Bradbury°s plays were performed at his home theater, the Fremont Centre Theater. <br />The South Pasadena Public Library has an extensive collection of Mr. Bradbury's memorabilia, <br />books, articles, and documentation of his time in the City. The City has also honored Mr. <br />Bradbury by naming the Library Conference Room after him and dedicated Ray Bradbury <br />Appreciation Days in his honor over the years. <br />The City has successfully collaborated with SPARC over the past three years on the Utility Box <br />Public Art Project to commission artists to create artistic designs and images on the City's utility <br />boxes. <br />Legal Review <br />The City Attorney has not reviewed this item. <br />Fiscal Impact <br />There is no fiscal impact with the approval of a support letter. Upon installation, maintenance of <br />the mural included in the City's general maintenance efforts and will be considered during the <br />development of the artist contract. <br />Public Notification of Agenda Item <br />The public was made aware that this item was to be considered this evening by virtue of its <br />inclusion on the legally publicly noticed agenda, posting of the same agenda and reports on the <br />City's website and/or notice in the South Pasadena Review and/or the Pasadena Star -News. <br />Attaclunent: Draft Letter of Support <br />