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ii <br />Y CouncilCity <br />d <br />W {tx4 �x <br />t � <br />Agenda <br />i• xi! <br />r 4 1 <br />nF♦i� <br />DATE: December 19, 2018 t <br />FROM: Stephanie De Wolfe, City Manages <br />PREPARED BY <br />SUBJECT: <br />Margaret Lin, Principal Management Analyst <br />ITEM NO. <br />Authorize a Letter of Support in Concept for the South Pasadena Arts <br />Council's California Arts Council Creative California Communities <br />Grant Application <br />Recommendation <br />It is recommended that the City Council authorize a Letter of Support in concept for the South <br />Pasadena Arts Council's (SPARC) California Arts Council (CAC) Creative California <br />Communities Grant Application for a 2020 Ray Bradbury mural to commemorate the centennial <br />of his birth. <br />Commission Review and Recommendation <br />On November 8, 2018, the Library Board of Trustees approved SPARC to move forward in <br />developing a proposal for the Ray Bradbury mural project to be located at the Library. The <br />proposal will include a recommended timeline, budget, fundraising plan, artist selection process, <br />and location. The proposal will be presented as an action item to the Library Board of Trustees at <br />a future meeting. <br />Community Outreach <br />There was no community outreach associated with this matter. <br />Discussion/Analysis <br />SPARC is seeking $35,000 in grant funding from the CAC to create a public art mural and <br />literary events inspired by Mr. Bradbury's writings, life, and books. If the grant is awarded, the <br />funds would be used to develop the mural; including the cost of materials, honoraria, and <br />contractors. SPARC would be responsible for the dollar -for -dollar matching funds requirement <br />($35,000), which would be comprised of private donations, fundraising, and other contributions. <br />The mural unveiling is anticipated to take place on August 22, 2020, Mr. Bradbury°s 100'x' <br />birthday, during multi -generational literary events that includes creative writing workshops, <br />readings, panel discussions, exhibitions, film/video screenings, and special performances. <br />Next Steps <br />L SPARC will work with the Arts Commission on the Request for Qualifications and artist <br />selection processes <br />