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4� <br />w <br />a <br />e L+� <br />City Council <br />Agenda <br />DATE: December 19, 2018 <br />FROM: Stephanie DeWolfe, City Manager <br />PREPARED BY: Marc Donohue, Chief City Clerk , <br />SUBJECT: Adoption of an Administrative Minutes Policy <br />Recommendation <br />It is recommended that the City Council adopt an Administrative Minutes Policy for the City <br />Council and all Advisory Bodies. <br />Commission Review and Recommendation <br />This matter was not reviewed by a Commission. <br />Discussion/Analysis <br />There are three basic types of formats for minutes — action, summary, and verbatim. Action <br />minutes reflect the action taken, including the maker and second of motions and the vote on each <br />motion. The content of presentations and discussions are not included in action minutes. <br />Summary minutes include the information in action minutes plus a summary of points discussed <br />and individuals' comments. Verbatim minutes are a "word by word" transcript of the <br />proceedings. <br />Currently, summary minutes are being prepared for all City Commissions. On average, the time <br />to prepare summary minutes takes 2 i/2 times the length of the meeting. With 13 committees <br />meeting at least once per month for two to three hours there is an approximate savings of 1,200 <br />hours annually that can be redirected to higher priority projects and customer service. <br />Transitioning to action minutes would streamline the process and allow for a more efficient use <br />of staff time. For this reason, staff recommends that a Minutes Policy be adopted to convert the <br />City Council and all Advisory Bodies from summary minutes to action minutes. <br />For some time now, staff has been preparing City Council minutes in an action minutes format <br />while all Advisory Bodies are still being prepared in a summary minutes format. This is in large <br />part due to the fact that City Council meetings are broadcasted and recordings are available on <br />the City website 24/7. However, beginning in January/February 2019,.all commission meetings <br />will be recorded with the help of a new partnership with Granicus Software. Granicus will allow <br />for commission meetings to be recorded, bookmarked, archived on the City website, and <br />available 24/7, allowing for easier access by the public. These recordings will serve as official <br />record of discussion, while the action minutes will record the motions and votes. <br />