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City Council <br />ITEM NO. I(L <br />Agenda Report <br />DATE: December 19, 2018 <br />FROM: Stephanie DeWolfe, City Manage4. <br />PREPARED BY: Steve Fjeldsted, Director of Library, Arts and Culture <br />Cathy Billings; Assistant Library Director 6 <br />01 <br />SUBJECT: " Approval of 5 -year Term Agreement with SirsiDynix for Symphony <br />.Software as a Service (SaaS) Integrated Library System Products and <br />Services in the amount of $222,121 <br />Recommendation <br />It is recommended that the City Council approve a five-year term agreement with SirsiDynix to <br />provide Symphony integrated library system (TLS) products and services to the South Pasadena <br />Public Library. Products and services include migration of customer and bibliographic data to a <br />new database, secure off-site hosting of the data on SirsiDynix servers, a core ILS package with <br />modules for cataloging, circulation, acquisitions and analytics, a mobile library app, connections <br />for third -party equipment (e.g. self -checkout kiosks), and maintenance and support. <br />Commission Review and Recommendation <br />This matter was presented to the Library Board of Trustees at their December 0, 2018 meeting: <br />Community Outreach <br />The public has had the opportunity to comment on this item at the December 19, 2018 City <br />Council meeting and at the December 13, 2018 Library Board of Trustees meeting. <br />Discussion/Analysis <br />The Library proposes entering into a five-year agreement with the library automation vendor <br />SirsiDynix to provide a complex package of software and services, commonly known as an ILS. <br />The Library has been a SirsiDynix customer since 1989. This agreement takes the place of the <br />seven-year agreement signed in 2010. The agreement will provide the core ILS components that <br />the Library's previous agreement provided, including cataloging, collection management, <br />customer management; and circulation functionalities. New products and services specified in <br />the proposed five-year agreement include: <br />1. Migration of the Library's data from an obsolete database hosted on a local server to a new <br />Oracle database hosted by SirsiDynix on an off-site server. <br />2. BLUEcloud Mobile, a mobile library app, <br />3, BLUEcloud Analytics, a sophisticated -analytics and reporting module. <br />