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ww� • <br />« <br />,w <br />i <br />City Council <br />U. <br />Agenda R 1 <br />II�:ZRI7�C7a1�f6�y <br />Recommendation <br />December 19, 2018 <br />Stephanie DeWolfe, City Manager <br />Craig Koehler, Finance Director "9—" <br />ITEM NO. 12 <br />Monthly Investment Reports for September 2018 and October 2018 <br />It is recommended that the City Council receive and file the monthly investment reports for <br />September 2018 and October 2018. <br />Commission Review and Recommendation <br />This matter was not reviewed by a commission. <br />Discussion/Analysis <br />There were no significant changes in the City of South Pasadena's (City) investments from the <br />prior months. The amounts shown for the 2016 Water Revenue Bonds Escrow Fund are for <br />information only. Since these funds are not accessible to the City or available for City use, they <br />are no longer being included as part of the City's total investments. <br />Background <br />As required by law, a monthly investment report, including water bond funds, is presented to the <br />City Council disclosing investment activities, types of investments, dates of maturities, amounts <br />of deposits, rates of interest, and securities with maturity of more than 12 months at current <br />market values. <br />The reports reflect all investments at the above -referenced date and are in conformity with the <br />City Investment Policy as stated in Resolution No. 7476. A copy of the Resolution is available at <br />the City Clerk's Office. <br />Legal Review <br />The City Attorney has not reviewed this item. <br />Fiscal Impact <br />The investments herein provide sufficient cash flow liquidity to meet the estimated expenditures, <br />as required in the investment policy. <br />