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1 } <br />)Y J! <br />Ya <br />City Council <br />Agenda Report <br />* <br />•t��Y <br />f <br />December 19, 2018 <br />Stephanie DeWolfe, City Manager a <br />Craig Koehler, Finance Director <br />ITEM NO. IL <br />SUBJECT: Approval of <br />$833,767.43 General City Warrants in the Amount <br />and Payroll <br />Recommendation action <br />It is recommended that the City Council approve the Warrants as presented. <br />Fiscal Impact <br />Prepaid Warrants: <br />Warrant 4 205204 —205284 <br />General City Warrants: <br />Warrant # 205285 — 205358 <br />Payroll 11-30-18 <br />Wire Transfers <br />RSA: <br />Prepaid Warrants <br />General City Warrants <br />Total <br />Commission Review and Recommendation <br />This matter was not reviewed by a Commission. <br />Legal Review <br />The City Attorney has not reviewed this item. <br />833,767.43 <br />364,809.10 <br />605,195.42 <br />$ 1,803,771.95 <br />Public Notification of Agenda Item <br />The public was made aware that this item was to be considered this evening by virtue of its <br />inclusion on the legally publicly noticed agenda, posting of the same agenda and reports on the <br />City's website. <br />