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Award of Contact for the Construction of Demonstration Garden <br />March 15, 2017 <br />Page 2 of 3 <br />Background <br />In 2012, the City Council established a Community Garden Ad Hoc Committee (Committee) to <br />look into the feasibility of a Community Garden in South Pasadena. The Committee explored <br />many potential sites and finally settled on 1028 Magnolia Street. The City of South Pasadena <br />(City) entered into a lease agreement with Caltrans in September 2014 for five (5) years. In <br />February 2015, the Community Garden was subleased to the Los Angeles Community Garden <br />Council (LACGC). The sublease between the City and LACGC is for $100 per year. The <br />LACGC will be responsible for all maintenance and all costs associated with the <br />Community/Demonstration Garden including water and electrical. The City will be responsible <br />for the maintenance cost for the pocket park and this cost will be budgeted accordingly by the <br />Public Works Department. In May 2015, the Community Garden was opened. <br />This Project is located at 1028 Magnolia Street adjoining the Community Garden. The Project <br />will create a pocket park at the front of the Community Garden to showcase drought resistant <br />planting, smart irrigation, solar controller, informational signage, message board, and offering a <br />shade structure for residents to sit and enjoy the park and the garden. <br />The scope of work includes preparation of surface, removal and disposal of debris, construction <br />of a concrete walkway, construction of a wood shelter and fences, installation of landscape and O <br />irrigation system, and installation of various items such as a water fountain, benches, trash <br />receptacle, signs, pet waste station, bike hitches, mailbox, bulletin board, and plaques. <br />Analysis <br />In February 2017, sealed bids were solicited from various construction companies, in addition to <br />the standard advertising in compliance with the Public Contract Code in a newspaper of general <br />circulation in the South Pasadena, and in various construction publications, including F.W. <br />Dodge, Daily Construction Service, Bid Net, and Contractors Information Network. <br />On February 28, 2017, the City Clerk's Division received and opened six (6) bids with the results <br />as follows: <br />Contractor <br />Bid Amount <br />Cerco Engineering, Los Angeles, CA <br />*$108,446 <br />$108,106 <br />Leonida Builders, Glendora, CA <br />$119,950 <br />PK Construction, Altadena, CA <br />$121,919 <br />Vido Samarzich, Inc., Alta Loma, CA <br />$138,235 <br />Aramexx Construction, Upland, CA <br />$172,796 <br />Minako American Co. dba Minco <br />Construction, Gardena, CA <br />$231,550 <br />Engineer's Estimate <br />$130,000 <br />* Indicates the original bid amount was submitted with a mathematical error. The amount shown is the corrected amount. <br />0 Indicates the original bid amount. <br />17-2 <br />