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City of South Pasadena <br />Agenda Report <br />COUNCIL AGENDA: March 15, 2017 <br />Michael A. Cacciotti, Mayor <br />Richard D. Schneider, M.D., Mayor Pro Tem <br />Robert S. Joe, Councilmember <br />Marina Khubesrian, M.D., Councilmember <br />Diana Mahmud, Councilmember <br />Evelyn G. Zneimer, Cihj Clerk <br />Gary E. Pia, City Treasurer <br />TO: <br />Honorable Mayor and City Council <br />VIA: <br />Sergio Gonzalez, City Managerp'A <br />FROM: Paul Toor, P.E., Public Works Directc3/ <br />Alex Chou, Associate Civil Engineer <br />SUBJECT: Award of Construction Contract to Cerco Engineering for the <br />Construction of the Demonstration Garden <br />Recommendation <br />It is recommended that the City Council: <br />1. Accept a bid dated February 28, 2017, from Cerco Engineering (Contractor) for the <br />construction of the Demonstration Garden (Project) and authorize the City Manager to <br />enter into a contract with the Contractor for an amount not -to -exceed $108,446; and <br />2. Approve an appropriation in the amount of $50,000 from the Water Efficiency Fund <br />for the Project; and <br />3. Approve an appropriation in the amount of $70,000 for the remaining balance <br />including a 10 percent contingency from the Park Impact Fee for the Project; and <br />4. Reject all other bids received. <br />Fiscal Impact <br />The Project is funded from Water Efficiency Fund Account No. 500-3010-3012-8032 and Park <br />Impact Fee Account No. 275-6010-6410-8170 subject to appropriation of fiends. There are <br />sufficient funds available for the construction of this Project. <br />Environmental Analysis <br />This item is exempt from any California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) analysis based on <br />State CEQA Guidelines Section 21084 of the Public Resources Code, in accordance with Article <br />19, Section 15303, CIass 3 "new construction of small structures." <br />Commission Review and Recommendation <br />The Parks and Recreation Commission (Commission) was presented with a conceptual drawing <br />of the community garden and pocket park at the February 10, 2014 meeting. The Commission <br />unanimously approved the conceptual drawing and location of the community and demonstration <br />Ugarden. <br />17-1 <br />