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Additional Documents Distributed <br />Related to City Council Meeting <br />09/16/09 <br />Agenda Item Distributor/Date Document <br />Descri tion <br />#3 Councilmember Councilmember Putnam, Flyer, Cruz'n for Roses Hot Rod <br />Comments 9/16/09 & Classic Car Show 2009 <br />" Mayor Pro tem Flyer, Forum on 710 Freeeway <br /> Schneider, 9/16/09 Extension <br />#21 Alcoholic beverages Scott Feldmann, CEO, Memo and documents required <br />in City parks for City Chamber of Commerce, to permit alcohol beverage sales <br />sponsored events 9/16/09 and consumption. <br />#17 Quarterly Status Public Works Director PowerPoint slides <br />Report: Capital Sweeney, 9/16/09 <br />Improvement Projects <br />